A huge brown pelican was unafraid as we walked past him on a lazy Saturday stroll through Shoreline Park in Long Beach, California.

17 Replies to “Lazy Long Beach”

    1. The feeling of Long Beach is quite dissimilar from that of Los Angeles. It’s much more relaxed — more like San Diego. It’s a nicer feeling.


    1. Thanks Karen. It was nice to just go off for a few hours to a place that’s fresh & different from my local stomps. Only 33 miles from my house, but I was a mini-tourist. It was fun.


  1. Bright sun, deep blue water, cops on bikes, shirtless walker .. come on, you’re killing us here in January’ s Midwest. Nice photos though.


    1. Ouch. I am always torn about such posts. I confess that I seriously study the pictures of snow and ice as I contemplate whether I REALLY want to give a try to living back east (anything east of the California/Arizona border).

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    1. We had a wonderful four-day weekend with perfect temps. Last night I was looking on Realtor.com at properties in MA. Beautiful houses, beautiful countryside, but I got skeered of the snow! I found myself wondering how far south I could go and still be in New England. I feel like Goldilocks looking for the perfect bed.


      1. LOL – Is it snow or cold temps? Close to the ocean, they don’t get as much snow as here in the western hills, but all of NE gets snow and cold. It seems to be warming though, I don’t remember getting this much mixed precip. and ice. CC is real.
        It is hard to think of an ideal place where the weather is great year round (like SoCal), I put up with the cold, because I don’t like HOT/humid summers. Our summers really are lovely and comfortable with just a few heat waves.


        1. You know what it is? It’s being locked in the house. I feel the same about life in Arizona. Having to keep the doors & windows shut. When my job forced me to go to Chicago on business in the winter, that’s what got to me the most. Plus I was utterly clueless about how to drive in the snow, or what to do about the ice on rental car windshield. I was perplexed when I saw street crews throwing salt on the roads — I didn’t know it was salt — I thought it was more snow! There are a whole lot of life-in-the-cold skills that I have not acquired.

          Yes, CC is real. L.A. weather is really different the past couple of years.


    1. Long Beach is a destination for conventions and big money tourism, and yet the city itself has more of a small town, laid back feel. Yes, Mr. Pelican is quite unflappable.


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