No task required.

No hurdle to jump. There never was.

No path that must be walked.

There is only saying Yes. And saying Yes again.

And seeing from the place of All. And listening from the seat of One.

“I have failed” means only that I think there’s something I must do. Or do correctly. Or more correctly.

No task required.

12 Replies to “A Cause For Rejoicing”

    1. No, I never saw that film. Sounds like something I might want to look for on Netflix.

      Glad you like the photograph – it was a glorious sunset on the central Calif. coast.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. If we ever wonder if a thing can be glorious and also serene and simple, here is a sunset to remind us that it’s quite easy.
      Thanks, Gunta.


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