“When the hard times come you know the teacher’s in the room”.

“You have infinite support available to you, whole worlds cheering for you to weather it well and grow with love so you can come home. BE BOLD”. Cami Renfrow in “Dance Through It”

9 Replies to “Be Bold”

  1. I simply love the way the quote summarizes something I learned quite a few years back. Just keep breathing and pay attention when those times come around. The more you struggle, the more likely they are to come around again… until you get it! 🙂

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    1. How interesting that you describe the process as “just keep breathing”. In fact, the author’s story was born from a horrible car accident which landed her in the hospital, where she struggled to just breath in and then breath out — for months. She attributes this focus on breathing through the struggle as the cause of her extraordinary perceptions.


    1. I am glad that you love it also, Karen. To imagine this infinite support is wonderful. And to affirm that those hard times are our teachers is also reassuring.


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