Some Halloween decorations from around the neighborhood —

And my modest abode —

21 Replies to “Happy Halloween”

    1. Carnival is even better – it’s only for adults, is that right?

      But I do love the children coming to the door. It is not even dark yet, and we already have had several flocks of “customers”.


    1. One of my favorite aspects of this neighborhood is how different each house is. The sidewalks are stamped with the contractor’s name and dated 1925. Every house is it’s own style – many Craftsman, some pretty grand Italian style, some California Bungalows, some Spanish, many Egyptian revival. A little of everything. My house was built in ’26. If I had to name the style of my house, I’d call it “Reticent Modest”.


          1. At the time (1961-ish), it was thought the 134 freeway would be run just south of Colorado where my parent’s house was. So, they sold and bought the house in La Crescenta. As things turned out, the gorgeous big homes above Colorado were demolished for the freeway and we could have stayed put in Eagle Rock after all. Oh well… who ever knows the journey!


          2. I do still like Eagle Rock, too. I drive through there every once in awhile. My brother and I were heartbroken when Ernie’s Taco House was closed earlier this year. We’d been going there since we were kids, when it was located on Colorado Blvd.


            1. We live above Colorado & below the 134, walking distance to Casa Bianca restaurant. A great neighborhood. I visited Ernie’s Taco House once, but there are so many other Mexican restaurants that I like better (IMHO).


              1. That’s a coincidence. Our house in Eagle Rock was on Waldran Ave, either 1847 or 1857, can’t remember the actual number, off Townsend, one block below Colorado. Tritch Hardware was, and still is amazingly enough, on the corner. At the time, long before Trader Joes, we had a second house on the lot and a big, messy mulberry tree in the backyard. I’m sure I’ve been in Casa Bianca. Was that always the name? Ernie’s was a favorite for sentimental reasons – my dad used to take us there, but they sure had the best crunchy tacos, too!

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  1. I’m impressed with the enthusiasm for festive decorations! Folks decorate here but we’re all spread out so it is hard to see a lot without spending hours in the car! I think everyone loves Halloween because it takes us back to childhood memories w/all the excitement and of course, candy. I had an added bonus, it is my birthday. It felt like everyone celebrated with me! Happy Halloween!


    1. OH THAT IS WONDERFUL! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELIZA!!! I hope you dress up as a queen or goddess on your birthday.

      I particularly like this neighborhood for it’s Halloween cheer. People’s lawns are Seriously Decorated.

      When I was a kid Halloween was just us kids taking ourselves out. No grown ups. And we made our own costumes (or the parents did for the little ones). Nothing store-bought. At the end of the night all of us kids (5 girls) would sit on the floor in a circle & count our haul as if we were Midas.


      1. Wow, four sisters? I’m #6 of 7, 4 girls, 3 boys. (Stories galore!)
        Yeah, things are different nowadays. Kids are pretty much micromanaged, poor things. I loved the freedom we had as kids and I don’t see as it did us any harm. Quite the opposite, it was enriching.


        1. Yup, among my sisters I often identify myself in my emails and voicemails as #3. I’m glad we grew up in “the olden days”. We left the house on Halloween evening with a pillow case for our goodies. (Childhood optimism!) The kids that came to my door had those tiny Walmart plastic jack-o-lantern baskets for their goodies.

          Our world was bigger, and like you say, more enriching.

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