Last weekend’s adventure was an excursion to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  There’s always so much to choose from that we usually taste just a couple of exhibits in any one visit. One of this week’s delicacies included “Haunted Screens: German Cinema in the 1920’s“.  What an imaginative presentation! It included several “caves” serving as multiplex theaters inside which were cast films of the era. You can see how it’s a natural fit for the L.A. audience.

Haunted Screens: German Cinema in the 1920s explores masterworks of German Expressionist cinema … during the liberal Weimar era … innovative in aesthetic, psychological, and technical terms.

Art sometimes heralds things to come, as this exhibit shows.

film themes
film themes

As always, LACMA has something for everyone.


15 Replies to “Movies And Spaghetti”

    1. Did you get to see it too? It certainly surprised me in both its presentation and in how much I enjoyed it. I had gone to see a few of the other exhibits, and only decided to see it at the last minute.


  1. Sounds like a fun exhibit. Now that is one advantage to city living – you can just pop in to see an exhibit, whereas we have to plan a day to go to one and do lots of driving. We used to live outside Boston and took in the exhibits regularly. Sometimes I miss that, but we DO have rather nice natural exhibits going on daily just outside our door that make up for it. 🙂


    1. I do feel fortunate to have so many places to see exhibits, of just about any kind, within easy driving distance. My little “Museum Companion Los Angeles” has over 250 pages.

      I must be honest — I want it all! I was sincere when I said that I admire your life under a real live canopy. I always feel kind of magically protected even when I walk the dog down the next street over. THEY have real trees that make canopies, not silly palm trees. I think your botanical garden exhibit just outside your front door is truly enviable.

      When I visualize your space it makes me think of Gerard Manley Hopkins’ “God’s Grandeur”. LACMA – not so much.

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    1. It is an awesome exhibition, Otto. The content is a collection of early history and might have been of interest to only a small portion of the L.A. audience. But the presentation invites the viewer to “step into my world” so that it’s experienced, and not just seen. Art is an enchanted carpet, isn’t it?

      I now have a new interest in silent film classics, which I didn’t have before this weekend. I look forward to seeing Metropolis.


  2. Looks like fun. I’m with Eliza… I do miss some of the stuff available in a city setting, but I don’t miss the crowds or other stuff that comes with city living.


    1. Lots of stuff to do, for sure, but only some of it nurtures the soul. The balance in the scales of lifestyle seems to be tipping from city to nature.


      1. I drive up that way often; my son lives in the LACMA area. I’ll be at the Brewery Artwalk in downtown L.A. this weekend, and possibly the Artifacts showing at USC. Have you been to the Artwalk? It’s awesome!


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