Meditation has been a long journey of fits and starts for me.  Over the years I’ve tried different approaches, and mostly it was a struggle. Like the puppy who fails obedience class. Or, like a child trying to sneak up on a flock of birds.

DSC_3470_edited-1About a year ago I bought a set of guided meditations (Seeking Heaven by Eben Alexander) on CD. There’s a brief talk followed by instructions to set intention, followed by the meditation. The last section incorporates the guidance of all four in a cumulative meditation. I’ve found it very helpful.

DSC_4292_edited-1Last week I started listening to The Art of Presence, which I borrowed from our library. I sought out the Art of Presence because I need help learning how to stay in the Now as I go about my day-to-day life.  I read a post recently at Healing Your Grief which asks “how do you create space in your life?”.  I’ve been pondering that question for a while.

Some folks believe in reincarnation. I’m one of them. And some folks believe that we make a blueprint of opportunities for lessons we want to learn, before we get here. I believe that too. What if we are able to be present, really present, as in be-here-now present — as we go about our daily life?  To be truly present would make our entire life a guided meditation, wouldn’t it?


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  1. While it’s difficult for me to believe anything absolutely, I consider reincarnation as plausible, very plausible. I was a pig once, did I ever tell you. Yes, I see you read my poem. I’m serious, not mocking. Rebirth, as in stages of enlightenment, over the course of lives each bringing with it ineffable knowledge from the previous, although memory not always available. For without the benefit of previous life’s attainments into the next, what’s the point? This too could explain the artistic talents of the masters and the wisdom of the wise ones.

    And btw, I too struggle with meditation. But I try.


    1. I have no memories of past lives, but I too have marveled at the wisdom of the great Teachers. And I’ve been thankful for the “coincidence” of those small flocks of geniuses who lived at the same time — in music, and physics, and religion, and the period of “the enlightenment” — it feels as if they came in together to magnify their effect. And I am convinced that all roads lead home.


  2. I totally believe in reincarnation. I’ve been regressing and progressing my daughter for years and years. We have visited so many of her lives and it’s helped her SO much…even in THOSE past lives. You can help yourself in the past. It’s so cool. You introduce yourself as your future self and give your former self advice and tell them that things will work out and it’s fantastic. You can easily (well sometimes easily) recognize what your current problems are about and where they come from. But I digress:) I think dogs that fail obedience training just walk their own path. They don’t buckle under. If you talk to them (in pictures) that can help but they are often free spirits. 🙂 Always talk to your dogs and cats, birds, etc., in pictures. 🙂 Anyway…good luck and if you can’t meditate, don’t worry about it just have fun doing something else…like the dog who won’t try to please anyone but herself…:)


    1. I am able to meditate now, with the help of the guided meditations. It is getting easier. Or I should say, I am getting the hang of it.

      It totally makes sense to me that if we can visit ourselves in our former incarnations, that we can help ourselves in that life and this one. All the near-death-experiences (every one of them) say there is only now. And Einstein said “The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

      To be able to KNOW that everything’s going to be okay – what better gift to give your child?

      Thanks so much for your comment.


  3. Great post and gorgeous pics MK and I too believe in re-incarnation. It’s an interesting topic as I start to understand that in this life-time some never seem to connect or understand life on a deeper level and I wonder if they will just have to learn this in another lifetime? Just not sure if we come back as “pigs” or dogs ha I kinda want to believe we dont.?

    As for you and meditation, you are exactly where you are meant to be, you are searching and open and you are connecting and that is perfect. (thanks so much for the mention too)


    1. Thanks Karen for your encouragement on meditation. I do feel trust that I am where I’m meant to be.

      One of the books I’ve read on reincarnation that makes a lot of sense to me is “Journey of Souls” by Michael Newton. As I examine my own life, and talk with my closest friends, I see patterns of challenges that focus on the same lesson. I hardly think that’s an accident. But, I don’t think reincarnation is persuasive because we think it through. I think its persuasive because it resonates with us.


  4. Good read, mk and so much to ponder. I’m glad you found something that helps you meditate. Meditation is a powerful tol that I do daily. It brings out our human capiicity to love without judgement. As far as reincarnation, i do not like the idea od “recycled” soul. One life is enough and I better make good on it. Pax


    1. Thanks Perpetua for your comment. Yes, I am sure that meditation is helping me become more loving and accepting. I think that making the best of the life we are living is wise, whether we be believe in one or many lives.

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  5. I think the closest I get to meditating is when I’m in the “zone” while shooting pics. I see any number of flashes of that in your photography, too.


  6. LOVE this post! We are on the same wavelength (we already figured this out, didn’t we?) in terms of our beliefs and where we’re trying to go with our spirituality. Currently, I’m reading Pema Chodron’s ‘Living Beautifully’ and a message I am hearing is to be easy on ourselves in our search, relax into the process, let go our ‘shenpa’ (attachments). It is a lifelong practice with dips and valleys, always new roads to explore, this thing called ‘Life!’ So nice to share this journey with you!
    Lastly, GREAT photos. The sparkly bokeh in back of the grass is so wonderful – love it!


    1. I’m so glad you like this post, Eliza. It’s so good to have like-minded people to share with, like having a traveling companion, sort of. I’ve put Chodron’s book on my wish list to be certain I check it out, and it’s certainly a reminder that I could use help with. Thanks.
      One of the remarks that always strikes me as I listen to my guided meditations is the suggestion to “relax and enjoy” the forthcoming meditation. It feels as if it’s also a reminder to carry that into my daily life as I try to practice presence. In fact, the “relax and enjoy the process” is a softly spoken but oft-repeated message these days. When that happens, I always think it’s the Universe whispering encouragement.


      1. I like that! It is a good reminder to carry with us as we go about our day. I think as we head into our ‘final chapter’ there is the realization that this “is it” and not to squander our precious moments, to savor, ‘relax and enjoy the process.’ Our favorite: Be Here Now.


  7. Thanks for this post, I am also one who is a bit struggling with meditation and have tried different approaches. I also find guided ones the best. Specially as I am so busy I need to take the time for it and that is my downfall. It is good to know I am not the only one struggling, I don’t do it regularly. I read many books about it…. probably I should just leave the books and meditate in that time….


    1. Thanks so much for your visit and comment, Ute. I thankful I’ve finally found a process that works for me. I am doing my meditations nearly every day now, usually about the same time, and that helps a lot. I hope for the best for your journey.

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