Today I was pleasantly surprised — the high was only 96°F, and I actually felt how much cooler it was compared to yesterday.  When will it begin to cool down? This has been the longest, hottest summer that I can recall in Los Angeles.

13 Replies to “When Will This Torture End?”

    1. We’re finally in the 80’s today, but back into the 90’s later this week. Even that is better than 100+.

      Has your summer been normal in the south of Spain? I visited Spain in late May up through mid June this year, and I found the weather mostly very pleasant.


  1. We even got a touch of rain up here in the north yesterday. Felt great even if it wasn’t even close to enough rain… hoping you’ll cool down there pretty quick.


    1. Rain! Oh you’re so lucky! If it were to start raining here right now, I would just go outside & stand there marveling.

      I hope it cools down soon also. As in fall, or even the kind of summers we usually have.


    1. We’ve had our first respite in months – it’s cooled to the mid-80’s for the next couple of days, but we’re back in the 90’s beginning Monday. 😦 The cats are grateful too. And, I enjoyed your post! I’ve seen frost in LA on rare occasions, and I wouldn’t know what to do about my plants. Now I do!


      1. Another trick that works only if the frost is light (> 28 d) is to sprinkle the garden with a light shower BEFORE the sun hits it. It melts the frost slowly. I do this if I messed up and forgot to cover, but it requires getting up before dawn!


    1. I took a picture of the outdoor temperature gauge on my cell phone yesterday evening. At 6:01pm it was 88 degrees. I feel as if I’m being punished for my sins.


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