I did a two-day 600 mile round trip for a family event to Yosemite. The drive through central California’s agricultural flat lands is a achingly dull and the weather was miserably hot, but finally I arrived. I had never seen this extraordinary place before. Although my photo does not do justice, I got to see why it is has been painted and photographed by so many people for so many years.

“But no temple made with hands can compare with Yosemite. Every rock in its walls seems to glow with life…as if into this one mountain mansion Nature had gathered her choicest treasures…” – John Muir


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    1. Thank you Peter for that compliment. But — I confess I nearly did not post this picture because it is embarrassingly inadequate compared to the truth of the place. I didn’t have the luxury of waiting for the right light, or returning the next morning or staying until evening. Ah, but that means there will have to be another trip at a more leisurely pace.

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  1. Beautiful Pictures! You are underestimating them, MK they do capture the beauty. I went there many years ago and was in awe then as well. Thanks for reminding us how special our world is.


    1. I saw no flames or smoke, but I did pass some traffic cones with a pull-out sign marked “Fire Camp”. I saw a ridge with black tree skeletons, but it didn’t look fresh – maybe it was last year’s burn area. Probably that haze is from the smoke. This shot was taken near noon so any moisture would have burned off (and it was hot even in Yosemite).


      1. Bet you are really looking forward to the cooler weather. Our neighbors’ daughter lives in your area, she’s here for 10 days, really happy to beat the heat for a while. 🙂
        You could always come see the colors – leaves are turning already!


        1. I would leave tomorrow if both of us could take a week away! To cool down would be a such a relief. To see leaves turning would be such a treat. I know I’d come away with thousands of shots of trees.


          1. They are saying we are supposed to have a banner year this year due to all the cool weather. Already many trees are showing color. Normal peak is Columbus Day, but it might peak early this year. The past couple of years have been bland, so we are overdue for a good season. So long as we don’t get a lot of wind and rain. I’ll cross my fingers!


            1. Our New England vacation to see the leaves — it was sooooooo beautiful. I wish I were in Massachusetts right now. Because it did not cool down a tiny bit; it was 104 AGAIN. I don’t ever remember a summer like this, with so many weeks of heat. Today I walked outside in my bare feet and the driveway burn took me back to my grade school years in Phoenix.


  2. One of our planet’s most beautiful places, particularly off-season. As a kid, my parents often took me and my brother camping there… when the fire falls were still in action. In my young 20s, I camped there in April each year, when the park was nearly empty. That’s the time to go – heaven on earth, quite literally! I climbed Half Dome with 6 others on the entire trail and summit, as compared to the hoards bumper to bumper on the cables these days. Ahhh, you’ve triggered wonderful recollections! Glad you were able to visit it, in spite of the long drive, few days, intense


    1. That’s what my sister says also – go in April, to enjoy the waterfalls. I’m glad you got to experience so much of Yosemite. I intend to return when it cools off.


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