For weeks I’ve been holed up inside the house, running the air conditioner. It’s been so hot that I do my gardening from 6am to 10am. After that I begin to melt. I’m longing for the weather of March 15, which I spent at a nearby Garfield Park in South Pasadena (these photos taken that day).




16 Replies to “Potpourri Park”

  1. stay cool and hydrated. The park is a good place for these beautiful pics. One thing I don’t understand why the dog has shoes in summer time? Winter I can understand. Definitely a fashion statement.


    1. These photos were taken in mid-March! Perhaps doggie’s mom is the fashionista? She’s the one with the bare legs & white shoes.


  2. We had one like the fashionista (except for the boots) before the current black one. Poor little thing. I’ve seen better poodle cuts than the one with the boots had. Looks like something I did when I tried to do the grooming my own self. 😮


    1. PS… the fog came in at the beach tonight and I had to wear a jacket over my sweatshirt!!! I loved it, but I bet the tourists weren’t happy. 😀


      1. Oh I envy you & the fog. That’s why I have my heart set on a new life above the GG Bridge. The first thing I do every morning is open all the windows to cool down the house.


        1. Gunta they are both such sweet looking little lovelies! I’m sorry about the little white darling. I’ve been there so many times myself. Sissy looks so smart and shows so much forbearance. I have never dressed that fancy in my whole life! No one has ever accused me of being a fashionista, that’s for sure.


  3. Great captures!
    You should come out East, it barely broke 70 today. The weather is so funky. Yesterday when it was pouring down rain, I thought of how it would have been much better falling over CA. Hang in there.


    1. Thank you Eliza! When you made your rainbow post I envied the rain even more than the rainbow! I think it comes from growing up in Arizona and then migrating to SoCal; I feel excited and happy and awestruck whenever it rains.

      I like the northeast very much. It has so much to offer. And, I am one of those lucky humans with the kind of blood that mosquito’s prefer least. I’m the limp broccoli on the smorgasbord of the insect world.


  4. Perhaps a visit to Canada. We are having a lovely warm few months which we think of as hot but likely would be perfect for you. Great collection of photos. Those dog shoes are hilarious. We only see them when there is snow on the ground.


  5. Thanks Sue. I think a quick trip to Canada would be just what the doctor ordered! At the very least, I could just go outside and sleep more comfortably on a hammock than this sweat box I am in! The poor little dog acted as if all the human’s smiles were admiration, not giggles.


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