Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

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Mirrors are nets for light and objects.

These are images from the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles just outside of Paris. This grand hall has 17 mirrored arches which draw in the light from the opposite windows. At the time of construction (about 1680) mirrors were one of the most expensive objects to obtain, and the republic of Venice held the monoply on their manufacture.  It was in this hall that the treaty ending World War I was signed. (more at Wikipedia here)

This week’s photo challenge asks us to show containers. “This week, share your own vision of a container you find interesting. You can take the challenge as literally as you want — a box of chocolates, a broken bottle, your town’s water tank, an empty shell on the beach. Or go in a more figurative direction — from the skin that wraps our body to the comfort of a hug, we all constantly hold and are held by other things and other people.”  See other responses to this challenge here.

8 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers”

    1. I’ve been twice, and the first time I visited just the gardens — the crowds awaiting entry to the palace were so daunting! But now I’m glad I went inside.


    1. Yes, one could go for a very long, very brisk walk inside this palace, and still have plenty to explore without ever stepping outside.


  1. Beautiful interpretation of the theme, and gorgeous photos to boot. While I lived in Paris a few months back in the late 70’s, sadly I never was able to get to Versailles. Looks beautiful and overwhelming. ~SueBee


    1. Thank you Sue. It is indeed one of the most sumptuous places I’ve ever visited. I have quite a few pictures of Versailles – I really must do a post on it one of these days.

      I am totally in love with French decorative art. However, if I compare Versailles to the older and more serene Nasrid Palace in Allhambra, Spain (which I got to see a few months ago), I find that the Moorish approach is more to my personal taste.


  2. Wow, screamingly beautiful! Such opulence, it really is hard to imagine life at court for the 100 or so years that Versailles was used. It is no wonder the poor revolted! Hmmm, sounds kind of familiar doesn’t it? 😉 They do say that history repeats itself, but I digress!


    1. The only other place I’ve seen such splendor and extraordinary opulence was that produced for the Russian aristocracy. Hmmm, they shared a similar fate, didn’t they?


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