(click an image to see full size, then click arrow at right to see next)  Córdoba is a delightful city. The Mezquita mosque & cathedral is the main tourist sight, but we were surprised and delighted to happen upon what seemed to be a horse and carriage contest! Another example of the Spanish enjoyment of dress-up?

4 Replies to “Horse and Buggy, Spanish Style”

  1. What great captures! (Though the guy in the 2nd shot didn’t look very happy!) What amazing stuff you got to see in Spain. The horses are simply beautiful.


    1. Thank you Gunta! All the other “drivers” seem to have on an apron or some kind of lap blanket of sorts, but the guy in the 2nd shot seems to have forgotten his. Perhaps that’s the problem? Or maybe he’s just hot. Yes this was another delightful surprise. It totally reminded me of the old Zorro movie. Who knew? !


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