Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move

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This week’s photo challenge is “On The Move“. These photos are from the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles and the Mullen Automotive Museum in Oxnard, California. See other great “On The Move” photos here.

19 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move”

  1. an excellent idea for this series on movement 🙂 If I had a choice it would be the top right with the woodgrain bonnet or is the term “hood” in the US


    1. It is totally awesome. They have a $36 million Bugatti there. So gorgeous you will be tempted to break that “thou shalt not covet” commandment.


  2. Shame on me for not having gone to Mullen Automotive Museum, being that I’m from Ventura. Thanks for the awesome pics. I’m convinced to go there now and my friend would be happy to visit it.


  3. It’s a huge place with cars for every taste. I am not particularly into automobiles, but I left in admiration of the beauty and fun invested in these cars.


  4. What incredible shots all so clear and deep with color. Love this series and what a really neat idea for the photo challenge!!! Great job all the way around! Love, Amy


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