When my eyes land, my mind labels.  This morning my cat Kit-Kat was licking my dog Phoebe, and I had the thought “Kit-Kat loves Phoebe”.  And the Now said, “what would you see if you look without labels?”.  I think I will try that today.

7 Replies to “Labels”

  1. Sounds like someone has been reading “A New Earth”!
    Not labeling is not so easy. The monkey mind loves to categorize everything it sees. Kids are the best teachers for relearning non-labeling. The world is all one to them.


  2. Alas, no kids anywhere nearby. Yes, I’m reading “A New Earth” and am also doing the guided meditations on Eben Alexander’s “Seeking Heaven” CD. Just the effort to be conscious of labeling is efficacious for me. It allows me to step down from that runaway train — and I built quite a little engine all those years doing technical stuff. Way way back when I just finished college, a friend called me “the queen of the concrete mind”. Can’t argue that one.


    1. Hmmmmm. You know, I hadn’t thought about this set in terms of including people. How odd. It was just a set that wanted to be together, for some reason. And to be honest, all these pictures were taken with a longish zoom, so I did not get up close & engage these folks. Including the goose! Thanks Sue!


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