Film: Finding Vivian Maier

This is a striking film about the street photographer Vivian Maier. It opened here in Los Angeles on Friday. Well worth your time.

14 Replies to “Film: Finding Vivian Maier”

  1. I’m dying to see this! I heard it’s coming to Boston sometime this month…I have to go find the theater schedule. I saw an exhibit of her work at Brandeis University last year…amazing!


    1. Her personal life while a photographer is an enigma. Who knows what came before? Did some event cause her to pursue her art, or her lifestyle, or both? We are left to wonder.


  2. Kat & I thoroughly enjoyed the film. It was so mind boggling seeing all her stuff. I can’t imagine having gone through it all as the filmmaker did. Really intriguing, her photos are so brilliant, her life story perplexing. Really glad you posted the trailer!


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