DSCN0088_edited-1I was impressed by a photograph of the moon at Burgess Art captured by a point & shoot! Needing an inexpensive camera with pretty good range, I bought a Coolpix L830 and took it for a spin this weekend. Here’s the (cropped) result, taken from far up on the sand.

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7 Replies to “Wave Meets Child”

    1. Not a bad little camera. I will change the image size to the best it offers, and see if that takes care of the graininess. Testing continues….


  1. So pleased you are testing the newer Nikon L830. Mine keeps surprising me. As a fine artist I love some graininess. Found trying to capture a fast moving helicopter above a real challenge with 30X zoom. Love the image above!


    1. I’m very pleased with the camera. Kudos to you for turning me on to it! I too like to try to capture objects in motion (mostly birds & bugs), and so I will be testing the focus tracking feature. And I want to see how far I can enlarge/crop if I use my itty bitty tripod with it. All my big camera gear is quite heavy, so it will be nice to have a little camera to grab for the dog walk. Thank you Robert!


      1. I hope it really works for you. One reason I was impressed was it is sooo easy compared to carrying a bag of lenses etc. and tests I saw on YouTube etc. seem to show similar quality too. I have not used a tripod so far and I’m sure it will give even better results. I am VERY impressed with night shots on just regular settings……all the best .


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