DSC_8145_edited-1Birds, bees, flowers, bugs!

Kelly 2014 © all rights reserved

14 Replies to “The Ides Of March”

  1. Thank you Susan! I was out watering my front yard today, and there were bees EVERYWHERE. I couldn’t resist. I always feel honored by their visits.


  2. I LOVE this photo! The clarity is superb, it enables me to really see the bee in all its wondrous detail, something I can never do in the wild because they are always on the move. That’s for holding still a magical moment in time!


    1. Thank you Eliza! My front yard is in full bloom right now, and it should remain in spring mode for another month. The bees are quite obliging in posing for me. And if I miss one, there’s another nearby. I was surprised by this photo because of the “shadow” of the bee’s wing on the daisy petal. I’ve not seen that before.


    1. Thank you Lynne! Yes we have plenty of sunshine. We didn’t even have a winter, really. We’re sorely in need of rain. Send some our way, huh?


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