DSC_0192_edited-2Carpinteria, California

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14 Replies to “Eucalyptus Blossom”

    1. I just LOVE eucalyptus. I love the way they smell. I love the ones with smooth skin, and the ones that seem to molt like snakes. I admire their height and variety. Eucalyptus are admirable.


      1. They are versatile and highly adaptive, although they are being maligned the world over for their being ‘non-native’ (except in Australia, of course). They clean indoor air, have medicinal uses, and are lovely to look at. One of my favorite greens when I was a florist, although the sap can make a mess of your hands!


  1. Beautiful photo M! The variety of geometry on a simple twig…
    Nice edge-on perspective of the leaf; I had to study the blossom ‘cups’, at first they appeared as ice formations, incongruous next to the lacy bloom!


    1. Thank you! Honestly — I was standing far far below the branch that gave the twig that gave the bloom. This is shooting into the lowermost branch, which was at least 20′ above me. I surprised by the pretty blossom, and was lucky the shot constructed itself for me.


      1. Yes, I finally connected with them by remembering sleeping under eucalyptus trees; feeling all those annoying little nuts under the sleeping bag.


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