DSC_9855-edit1Abandoned castle in the south of Wales, summer 2013

For this week’s photo challenge we’ve been askedto show abandoned. To see other entries for Abandoned click here.

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19 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned”

      1. Oy, I thought CA was in a drought? I am not one for following network news. Such extremes, heat/drought, and rain/mudslides, as well as earthquakes. Are you sure you don’t want to come see a little snow/cold? It seems a bit more predictable. Stay safe and dry. 🙂


        1. Yes, last week we had very bad drought, today we have less bad drought. I actually was considering Massachusetts as one of my retirement options. I visited there once to see the fall leaves, and I liked it a lot.


          1. Where did you visit? Lots of folks are retiring to Cape Cod, it’s getting a bit crowded there. They are prone to rather wicked storms, however. I live in the western part. I love the four seasons and our summers do not get that hot. I’ve found that I mind the heat more than I used to. Spring and fall, of course, are wonderful and winter is an acquired taste! Dress warmly and go outside, walk, snowshoe, some people do active sports, it is a great thing with the right mindset and proper clothing!


            1. I had to look at my pictures from 2008 to find all the spots we visited. It was quite a long driving trip: Toronto, upstate New York, New Hampshire (Shelburne Museum), Vermont, Maine & the Acadia National Park (wow), Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. As for Massachusetts, I see pictures of Salem. It happened to be quite nearly Halloween, so that was a fun treat. While there we visited the Peabody Essex Museum. Getting to see early American art & folk art is a real challenge for west-coasters. When I travel I’m partial to late spring and early fall. I’ve always heard that living in real weather is simply a matter of proper attire, but I haven’t gotten the hang of it yet.

              (Sorry for the slow reply – I had to make a tiny change to my settings to allow a conversation more than 5 deep.)


              1. Sounds like an epic trip! I lived in Salem for a couple of years, where we bought our 1st house and my eldest son was born. The Peabody is a great museum, their South Pacific, sailing and whaling collection is outstanding. But we’ve been very happy living out in the country since 1989, lots of family (I grew up here) and room to roam…
                yeah, I do tend to run on…thanks for the accommodation! 😉


    1. I don’t know about this castle, but our guide did take us to a nearby place which he said was haunted. It was a church. The story goes that the man who built it placed the altar at the opposite point on the compass from where it should have been. The church was abandoned, the builder committed suicide, and the property has been bad luck ever since. Our guide told us that it has been for sale for years. Price: $1.


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