DSC_6568_edited-2Today at Echo Park Lake in downtown Los Angeles.

Kelly 2014 © all rights reserved

19 Replies to “A Day At The Park”

  1. What a great image! It makes me long for CA – we’re stuck in the deep freeze here, but I’ll enjoy the warm weather vicariously through you.


    1. Thanks Pam. It was a great day, and beautiful weather. In fact its been in the 80’s nearly every day in January and December. The plants are getting confused. Some are still dropping leaves, others are trying to bloom. And we are in a drought. But at least it is not punishingly cold like the rest of the country. I cannot bear being locked in the house.


  2. Lovely action caught here. Dog is amazing in it’s form as well. I remember my JT when she was just a pup, soaring through the air and me trying to throw the Frisbee and capture her 🙂 A perfect way to spend a day 🙂


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