Our Elders Are Watching Us

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DSC_5905_edited-1Old growth redwood trees in Muir Woods, just above San Francisco, California.  Average age is 600 – 800 years old; the eldest is 1,200 years old. The tallest tree here is 258 feet.  Below image shows age rings of a tree born in the year 909.

Before the logging industry came to California, there were an estimated 2 million acres (8,000 km2) of old growth forest containing redwoods growing in a narrow strip along the coast.  By the early 20th century, most of these forests had been cut down. (Wikipedia)


6 Replies to “Our Elders Are Watching Us”

    1. I feel the same. I was astonished to learn that these trees can live to be over 2,000 years old! Being in a grove of redwoods feels the same as being in a holy place.


      1. I’ve always thought of being in the redwoods as a religious experience. I’m known of quite a few people to say the same. It’s utterly indescribable! There is no way to describe it. It’s just something that has to be experienced.


    1. I hope one day you will get to experience a redwood grove. It is truly more awesome and holy than any church or temple that I have visited. I chose my title with this in mind.


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