9 Replies to “Guido”

    1. Yes, she is one of six (don’t tell Animal Control on me please). She is the eldest. She is sweet, yes, but we also call her “the dominatrix”. Apparently she owns the humans.


      1. Guido is such a great name!
        You’ve got great photos, and a great heart. I am sorry you lost your Molly. I have a Molly also. She is a little black Havanese. All of my animal companions I have lost are still so dear in my heart. I still look for Ruby who died last Dec 26th. SHe was a 16 y/o pointer who followed me everywhere. I thought a pillow was she, last night in fact, on the sofa. Made me tear up. We miss our babies, don’t we.


        1. I am sure my Molly will be first to meet me when I arrive at the big dog park in the sky. Molly used to bark ferociously whenever the doorbell rang on the television. Annoyed the &*$^ out of me. Now I welcome the doorbell on the TV – makes me think of her.


          1. Ha ha that is super funny! Reminds me about telling Frida to shut up every time we were eating while she whined. I’d be a millionare x 10 if I had a nickel for every time I said, “Frida shut up!” I heard a black lab make that sound once, and it was just like her sound. “Hmm hmm hmmmmmmmm…” (That’s as close to her whining sound as I can create). I’d LOVE to hear it again!


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