DSC_1878Interior of the Bradbury Building in downtown Los Angeles.  Built by a mining tycoon, completed in 1893, used in several films, it’s five stories of pure delight — filigree ironwork, terracotta, skylight, marble, polished wood … several more pix below if you’re interested.



3 Replies to “Enchanted Building”

  1. Total delight. What glorious self-confidence (and money) it takes to create anything so beautifully, loopily wonderful. It reminds me, not very sure why though perhaps something about the stairwell, it reminds me of the main post ofrice in Mexico City. I walked in by accident, when I was out just wandering around seeing what I could see, and I stared about me open-mouthed.


    1. Isn’t it generous of people to build something that allows the rest of us to share the delight they obviously have in beauty for beauty’s sake?


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