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I live in southern California near Pasadena, and tomorrow is New Year’s Day. The annual January 1 tradition here is a huge procession of flower-and-vegetation floats down the main street of Pasadena. It’s called the Tournament of Roses Parade. I do not remember any time that it’s rained on the parade, although, one day it poured until 2am New Year’s day, then waited politely for the parade to be over, then it poured again in the afternoon.

Here is a short slideshow of preparations for the Rose Parade. After the bleachers are erected (a month-long endeavor), media and security teams finalize their positions. I don’t know why, but in the days leading up to January 1, an informal procession of old cars navigates the parade route. When the parade begins, there is a fly-over by the US Air Force.

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