Imagine If They Had Done This To The Printing Press

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The FCC votes December 14th.

Here are the members of the House of Representatives.  Here are the members of the Senate.

8 Replies to “Imagine If They Had Done This To The Printing Press”

    1. Thanks Eliza, hoping for the same. But if we’re disappointed, Congress needs to know that we consider the internet to be part of the commons, and we’re paying attention.


        1. And my House of Reps representative has not committed to net neutrality. She is a weak tea Democrat. I attended one of her town halls. Totally orchestrated to make sure the people she represents didn’t have time to address her. Grrrrrr. Politicians were the last of the early humans to walk upright.


    1. Thanks Gunta. My rep & senators also support net neutrality. But what I’ve experienced in calling about the tax scam and the ACA and other issues, is that Congress is getting so many calls they often don’t have time to ask for our zipcodes. Regardless of who they represent, their vote will affect all of us.

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