DSC_9210A_1Our dog-walk destinations are sheer joy. This is 4.5 miles from home–it’s part of the national forest, and the path takes us along a stream that channels snow melt from the mountains. The light and landscape remind me of California plein air paintings.


I’m told this wee beastie is an aphid.

DSC_9303A_1More flowers and small animals of the unscary variety.




4 Replies to “En Plein Air”

  1. Oh, it does look like a painting – the layers and colors are so beautiful! Great macros – the light through the legume pods is fine and in that last photo with the ladybug, the dried flower looks like a big spider. Lady needs to move over to the pea pod and munch the aphids!

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    1. Those pods were lit like tiny lanterns by the late morning sun, and I remembered your comment about how you enjoyed the flower macros. So that one was for you, Eliza! If only I could capture the smell of sage and the sound of the birds. Even though it’s just 4 miles from the house, I hear birds up there that don’t come down the hill. Like a mini-vacation for us, and a super-vacation for the dogs.


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