DSC_7029I was all worried about El Niño predictions, so much so that I even bought flood insurance. So far this “winter” we’ve only had two days of all-day-steady-rain. The last couple of days it’s been in the mid-80’s. Above is one of the many blooms on my plum tree. Just last week the buds were mere nubs.

10 Replies to “The Winter That Wasn’t”

    1. Thanks Eliza. Yes, taken in the morning while the sun was still filtering in from the east. Thanks for reminding me of the bees. I wanted to do a post of them gathered ’round the water cooler. Stay tuned!

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    1. Thanks Charlie. Yes, I fear we’ll have more of both. I haven’t been in this house a full year, so I feel the need to be cautious. I saw pictures of my neighborhood in the last El Niño season. Worrisome.


    1. LOL!!!! I think I’ve mentioned before, the times I had to go to Chicago on business, in the winter. Not being able to open the windows in the daytime – that was the worst!!!


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