Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

Los Angeles is a car town. We even have a car museum. The Peterson Automotive Museum is located on museum row, quite near the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  I am not a car buff. (I drive a well-worn minivan, for goodness’ sake).  But who can resist these yummy cars!  I want THAT one.

30 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow”

    1. I have always wanted to visit Cleveland, ever since I saw an exhibit of early Christian art at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. That exhibit had quite a few pieces on loan from Cleveland’s museum. Now you make me want to visit Cleveland all the sooner. But not in winter. 😉


      1. Cleveland, although much abused during the years, is an up-and-coming city now. World-class museum, orchestra, and theatre district as well as lots and lots of top-flight restaurants. Best of all, you can get around easily and quickly. See it in the summer and enjoy!

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        1. Good memory, Rommel! Yes, I visited the Mullen Automotive Museum in Oxnard. A truly wonderful place full of awesomely beautiful cars. I also liked to visit the weapons sections of museums. It’s my experience that men love beautiful things, especially well-made beautiful things. Like automobiles and old pistols and rifles and swords and that kind of thing. They will go to the ends of the earth to own a beautiful thing. Just last weekend I visited a museum (LACMA) that was showing an exhibit of Samurai armor and weapons. Beautiful! Swords from the 13th century that look like they were made yesterday. Helmets that are true works of art. (Unfortunately very few of my photos are worth posting, because almost everything was behind glass, and couldn’t find an angle without glare.) When it comes to fine art and decorative arts, I prefer sculptural art. I think cars qualify, don’t you?


    1. Thank you Jim! My first thought was to describe this car as “so delicious you till be tempted to lick it!”. Glad I didn’t. I could be charged with a crime.


  1. happy holidaze , very kewl shot …i used to have a 33 ford coupe with a hot rod corvette engine in it lol ws fun to drive :)….wow almost makes me wanna cry ,er go build another one :).thasnQ might have inspired me again lol. 😎

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