Basilisk lizard, CANO NEGRO wetlandsFrom the archives – May 2010 –  a basilisk lizard in Costa Rica’s Cano Negro wetlands.

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13 Replies to “Motionless”

    1. Me too! It’s astonishing how effective it is to just hold still. Must be that our eyes have evolved to notice motion before we register what we see. Must be from back in our caveman days.


      1. One of my early lessons from a woodsman grandfather is that mammal vision keys to motion first, form second. I was taught that by moving very very very slowly, one can approach animals (and sometimes birds).
        [Mostly I was told “…just sit still, no noise and don’t move!”]


        1. Grandad certainly knew what he was talking about. On that vacation to Costa Rica, our guides would point into the jungle and tell us there were monkeys, or snakes, or special birds, whatever. I could not understand how they could see so well. Now I realize…


      1. Now that you tell me that, I MUST go! I LOVE that movie! What part did you visit?
        I always say that Avatar is ‘true’ story because our bodies are avatars for our souls, it’s how we visit this very special planet. If more people thought this, they wouldn’t take their time here quite so for granted.


        1. We visited…
          TORTUGUERO – highly recommend. Only accessible by water. I love what one of our water guides said about the jungle. “No tourism is allowed in the park at nights. Even the animals must rest.”
          ARENAL VOLCANO AREA – used it as our base for all day excursions into nearby areas, especially birding.
          CANO NEGRO WETLANDS – highly recommend. This is a prime birding transit area and it is abundant with exotic birds.
          MONTEVERDE CLOUD FOREST – highly recommend.
          SARAPIQUI RAIN FOREST – extraordinary. This is the place that makes me think of “Avatar”. Monkeys, birds, iguana, turtles. Enchanting place.
          What I found so interesting is that there’s an international “happiness index”, and the people of Costa Rica always rank at the top of that list. My visit included an in-depth two day tour to discover whether it would be suitable as a retirement destination. A wonderful place, but not a good fit for me & my partner.

          Yes I totally agree that our bodies are avatars for our souls. It is a difficult school, this earth. You reminded me of a book I read recently – “Destiny of Souls” by Michael Newton. It was recommended by a local mystery writer when asked the question “what one book has changed your outlook on life?”. She said this book helped her come to a new understanding of the murder of her own daughter. For me, I found that the book made sense of much I’ve come to believe.


          1. Thanks for the tips on Costa Rica. I will take notes! I’ve heard that there are lots of ex-pats/retirees down there. I don’t think I could live there year-round, but in the winter? I might be easily convinced! Maybe when I’m older and may be fragile (in danger of slipping and falling on ice!). But I intend to do yoga at least until I’m 90, so fragile won’t be in the picture 😉

            Re: book So, there it is! The Universe at work again! Have we met before? 😉
            Would that be ‘Journey of Souls’? (I know he wrote a second one that I found less compelling). That was one of my (three) life-changing books as well. It really put things in perspective for me, the bigger view. The other two are Abraham-Hicks ‘Law of Attraction’ and Eckhard Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’. The latter will be an on-going study for life!


            1. I read both “Journey of Souls” & “Destiny of Souls” and I also found the first one to fit well, although I don’t doubt the propositions of the 2nd book. I experienced several synchronicities with the first book. For example, after I had just finished reading it, I went to the swapmeet and happened to find a beautiful clear glass paperweight with a universe of bubbles in “clumps”, just as he described our home space to be. That paperweight is here on my bookshelf. As for Abraham Hicks — I have heard of him many times. With your recommendation, I have just gotten his book for my Kindle. I have read several Eckhart Tolle, but not the one you mention. I just bought that one also. Yes, I am quite sure we’ve met before.

              Yes, there are many ex-pats in Costa Rica. I could not live there year-round either. My most perfect retirement scenario would be 6 months living in the northeast, and 3 months in Costa Rica, and 3 months in the south of France. Guess which 6 months are spent where?


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